Sheriff Out of Bounds [UPDATED]

Published On March 19, 2013 | By Jon H | Car Culture, Featured, Not so new(s), Videos

Let me preface this by saying that nothing rakes across the funny bone of my soul more than a slow driver in the left lane. That said, I would never tailgate a cop (or anyone for that matter) like the driver in this video appears to be doing.

Usually road rage is caused by someone getting cut off, or reckless driving, or something totally petty that quickly turns into a dangerous situation when two parties aren’t willing to simply give way. What we saw in this video is not road rage, it’s pure abuse of power. What would motivate a Sheriff outside of his jurisdiction to purposely hold up traffic, and then subsequently brake check a seemingly unassuming citizen? That sounds more like a departmental grudge match, like something out of the movie Super Troopers.

Granted, we don’t know what happened before and immediately after this clip was captured, but I reached out to the original poster of this video, “chadwalton54”, in search of the full story. Hopefully we’ll have an update soon.

[UPDATE] 3.20.13 10:30am

After speaking with Chad Walton, the driver of the truck, I can shed a bit more light on what happened immediately after Chad stopped filming. He did hit the Sheriff. After the impact he immediately dialed 911 and continued down the road another 10 miles to a safe spot where the dispatcher advised him a local unit would be waiting, with the offending Sheriff tailing him.

According to Chad, at first the local cop listened to the Sheriff’s story, which of course put all the blame on Chad. The story changed real quick as soon as Chad mentioned that he had the whole thing on video. The local cop ended up citing the Sheriff for being at fault, and Chad’s insurance company will be going to bat for him to claim damages to his bumper.

I asked Chad if he filed any sort of complaint against the Sheriff, he said nope, and added that he figured posting it on YouTube would do the trick. I think it did Chad.

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4 Responses to Sheriff Out of Bounds [UPDATED]

  1. Bud Grayling says:

    Well, he was tailgating that cop. Closer than warranted, in any case. The jerk and the jerk cop deserve each other.

    Both the jerk cop and the jerk following him were trying to teach each other some manners. Guess who’s going to win?

  2. Bud Selig says:

    protect and serve.
    was he doing either with public property on public time. No, he deserves to be fired.

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