R32 Nissan Skyline on Ebay; US street legal (with a catch)

Published On January 20, 2013 | By Jon H | Box Flares, Car Culture, Classic Japanese, eBay, Modern Japanese, Odd / Awesome Cars, Other


I have a weird attraction to old Nissan Skylines. Especially the R32 and R33 generations, they are so boxy and utilitarian looking, yet so potent with a twin turbo V6 and super smart four wheel drive wizardry to put the power down.
In my adventures to the black hole that is Ebay Motors, I came across this gem of a Skyline. Mostly stock with only 45,000 miles, it looks fairly unmolested, save for a few interior mods.

In terms of street legality, officially, this car is street legal. Registered as a “show/display” vehicle. What this means is that it can only be driven 2,500 miles in any one year. Yes you read that correctly, you could drive to and from Boston from NYC five times, or NYC to Miami and back, then put it away for the rest of the year.


But then there’s a catch to the catch as well! If you buy this car, and keep it until August 2014, you will then be able to re-register it without the 2,500 mile annual limit. There’s a great law in the US that exempts any car 25 years or older of any emissions or safety inspection regulations.

So the question is, if you bought this GT-R today, could you keep from putting the miles on it until 2014? I know I couldn’t…

1989 Nissan R32 GT-R

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